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Jennie Bell

I love the adventure of following the process of creating - like a new conversation with an unknown friend each time. Sometimes I know exactly where the journey is destined to end; other times it's more like following an unknown path.

Known all my life as someone who loves to make and enjoy art, as a mature age student I studied at Fremantle Tafe, Bremer Tafe, Griffith Uni, MIECAT for art therapy, as well as Community Arts studies. My involvement with healing prayer ministry and counselling found
that these different genres overlapped.

Being a multi-media artist with diversified themes allows me to be fluid and free in my responses to subject matter.

The different themes fall loosely under 6 categories, some being more defined than others.


Intrigued to discover in my formal studies how Gustav Klimt changed his painting styled dramatically after visiting Ravenna and seeing the Byzantine mosaics was the beginning of my own increasing passion for the contrast of the unique external architecture, and the glorious internal mosaics, all pointing the viewer to ponder higher things. Keeping to a contemporary style, this series uses the internal and external images as metaphor of our spiritual lives. Our external appearance can belie what great beauty is being transformed internally in us by God.


Mornings begin with time with God, which sometimes lead to a lovely surprise of a clear directive of what and how to paint something in particular. The painting becomes a prayerful conversation that flows through the whole process. Witnessing how God has used these paintings to touch people has been extraordinary to watch.


Music is a big part of our family. I love to paint to worship music, Peter Gabriel and Lecia Louise (my daughter -


The freshness of a new place or scene will sometimes capture my attention and I see clearly how I'll paint it immediately. The act of painting becomes a celebration of further enjoying that initial response.


I use art therapy techniques as directives to help people to allow themselves time out to explore what God may be saying to their hearts , as individuals, or to them as a group is an exciting adventure. Groups are usually between 10 - 20 to keep intimate. Yet, their journey is quiet and private. Men and women have been surprised to receive the revelations they have, and relieved to know they do not have to be artists to participate.



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