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The Spirit of Easter.

Mixed Media     Sold


The Heart of Healing

Mixed Media on art paper


58 X 41

$235.00 = P&H



Palm Sunday

Mixed Media On Stretched Canvas

100cm X 100CM

$1500 = P&H

Angels Tend Mother Mary.jpg

Angels Tend to Pregnant Mary

Not Available 

Resurrection Light.png
Passing Love.jpg
Passing Love 
Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas
85cm X 56cm
$500 + P&H



Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas

$480 + P&H

Resurrection Light

Acrylic on Paper

49cm X 70cm

$195 + P&H


Vessels Of Prayer

Mixed Media on Paper

66cm X 47cm

$210 + P&H

Alpha And Omega.jpeg

Alpha and Omega

Stretched Canvas

$840 + P&H

Reach Into Eternity.jpg

Reaching Into Eternity

Mixed media on stretched canvas ready to hang

59 X 42

$350 = P&H SOLD

Worship Girl.jpeg

Worship Gir;

Mixed Media on Paper

26cm X 37cm

$110 + P&H

Psalm 52:8

Acrylic, gauze and mixed media on art paper, unframed

46 X 60 cm

$250 + P&P

Voice of the Holy Spirit.jpg

Voice of the Holy Spirit

Acrylic and mediums on stretched canvas ready to hang.


God Given Land.jpg

God Given Land

Mixed Media on stretched canvas

Prophetic art piece, commissioned.

Psalm 1-V3.jpg

Psalm 1:3


Jeremiah 1:11 The Almond Branch


For God is the Strength of our Hearts


Shield of Ancient Faith

Mixed media on loose canvas, unframed

58 X 43

$225 = P&H


About Us -Heart and Spirit; Thoughts and Feelings

Mixed Media   


Terebinth Tree (Old Testament)

Mixed Media

Commission piece. Sold

The Vine.jpeg

The Vince

Mixed Media on Paper

$170 + P&H

Listening Through Lavender

Mixed Media on stretched canvas

ready to hang

101 X 76

$700 = P&H

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